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LMS eMSPs Roaming on Third-Party Network

Any cards/tokens on the Last Mile Solutions charging network can charge at over 450.000 charge points in Europe.

Please read carefully:

  • The exact tariffs per operator and charge point are available in the charging app.
  • The tariff shown in the app may be different from the price set by the operator of the charging infrastructure or set by other service providers.
  • For some networks, there is a charging fee per minute. Please make sure to leave the Charge point whenever the car is fully charged. The exact tariff per minute is shown in the app.
  • For some networks, there is a hub fee of 0.50 EUR per transaction.
  • Many operators in the Netherlands and Belgium have variable prices that can be different per charging point. The owner of the charging point often defines the tariff prices.
  • AC is normal charging with speeds up to 22kW.
  • Some of the networks see AC 43kW as fast charging. The fast-charging tariff will apply there.
  • DC is generally considered to be fast charging.

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